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Congrats to TIM SNOWDEN for being elected to the PBOA Hall of Fame

Prouty Building contact: 815-719-0122

March 2019
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Members List:

Bernie Moore
Thomas Downey
Mark Turner
Assignment Chairman/IHSA Clinician:
Dale Tieman
Web Master/IHSA Contact, Clinician:
Tom Maubach
Pat Berlin
Joe Burgoni
Ryan Craig
John DeFreitas
Ed Derix
Dana Eaves
Richard (Buzz) Fisher
Mark Geuther
Pete Heiden
Steve Hoerr
Larry Laio
Pat McClary
Rick Michael
Bryson Oeder
Steve Osborne
Doug Phillips
Robert (Doug) Rose
Todd Ryan
Garry Schroeder
Dave Shepard
Tim Snowden
Joe Stachowicz
Dean Tieman
Gary Vicini
Alan Yepsen

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Refereetn_.jpgWelcome to the Princeton Basketball Officials Website

Our next Association meeting will be our Banquet Meeting on Saturday, March 23, 2019 at 6 p.m.
at Angelo's in Spring Valley

"Bad referees don't know when they're bad; that's why they're bad.
Good referees know when they're bad; that's why they're good."
- Joe Crawford, NBA referee
- Which one are you?

"Preparation is essential for success.
Failure to prepare is a preparation to fail."

(Quote source unknown)

State assignments

Berlin - Girls, 2A Reg at Erie- Prophetstown
Girls, 3A Reg. at Peoria Manual

Craig - Girls, 2A Reg. at Mercer Co.
Girls, 3A Reg. at Geneseo

Boys, 1A Reg. at Monmouth-United

Dale Tieman - Girls, 2A Reg. at Dwight
Girls, 4A Reg. at Plainfield

Girls, 4A Sec. at Darrian

Dean Tieman - Girls, 1A Reg. at Serena
Girls, 4A Reg. at Lockport

Girls 2A Sec. at Gibson City
Boys, 2A Reg. at Dwight

Maubach - Boys, 2A Reg. at Princeton

Shepard - Boys, 2A Reg. at Sherrard
Boys, 1A Sectional at East Dubuque
Boys, 1A Super Sectional in Dekalb

Snowden - Boys, 1A Reg. at Peoria Heights
Boys, 2A Sectional at Port Byron Riverdale
Boys, 1A Super Sectional in Dekalb
Boys, 1A-2A STATE FINALS in Peoria

The Princeton Basketball Officials Association (P.B.O.A.) 
was established in 1982. We are a group of officials experienced to handle all of your officiating needs for both grade school and high school boys and girls basketball.
We meet on a Sunday afternoon once a month beginning in October and ending in March.
We work as a group to continually educate each other in all aspects of officiating.
We have an observer's program designed to help all officials especially the younger and inexperienced officials as well as officials wanting to work the state tournament.
Become an IHSA Official
Click on the Ill. High School Assoc. link on the bottom left of this page, or contact any member of this association.
 Become a P.B.O.A. Member
Contact anyone on the members list.
Click on the game assignments link at the top left of this page.

If you are an official, a school, an athletic director or an assignor and you need an official, contact Dale Tieman,Assignment Chairman


Principles to use when working with younger or inexperienced officials

FOCUS - It does not matter if it is pee-wee or varsity - It is a big game for someone!
ACCEPTANCE - In order to learn, they must feel comfortable
INSTRUCTION - The most important time of instruction is the pregame
PROTECTION - Protection on the court plays a vital part in developing an official
ENCOURAGEMENT - After a game is a great time to point out some positive areas with officials performance

 Member web posting

If you have any news, pictures, etc. that you would like to post on this website, e-mail them to Tom Maubach, Webmaster

What it takes to become a top-notch official

1) Have pride in being an official
2) Rule knowledge
3) Be fair
4) Look the part
5) Have good mechanics
6) Be confident
7) Have a positive attitude
8) Communication
9) Watch other officials work
10) Go to clinics


You make the call
(If you have a question or a situation let me know and I will post it.)

What is the ruling on a blarge call.(Lead calls a block and trail calls a charge)
It depends on what is happening or has happened. Was a made shot involved? Was a missed shot involved? Did the dribbler sill have the ball? Where is the throw-in and who gets the ball?
Check out page 30 in the case book, paragraph 4.19.8 situation C for answers to all questions.

Dale Tieman, Assignments  •  Princeton, IL 61326

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