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Colorama 2015 proved to be a great hit for those in attendance. The numbers were the lowest we have had in many years, but then it isn't about the numbers. We had 23 in attendance. All reports received were very positive.

There were no requests for seminars so none were held. The people seemed most pleased to enjoy the company and conversation of other riders. There were attendees from Missouri, Iowa, Texas, North Carolina, and Nebraska. This made for a pretty diverse group.

On Friday, we rode to Jasper and the Ozark Cafe for the dinner ride. Following the dinner ride those that elected to went with us on a ride to Boxley Valley in an effort to see the Elk. The effort was well worth it as there were dozens of Elk in the field. Most were calves and cows. There was one aged bull back a distance from the road. He had an extensive rack and was a real sight to see. Making this trip meant riding back to The Hub after dark. That wasn't too bad as we were riding in a group and kept the pace down to the desire of the riders. Worse than the darkness was the fact that it had came a recent shower on the southern loop that we were taking back to highway 7. At one point, right in a curve, there was mud on the road. Kent Hott and I were riding a bit faster than the others and hit the mud first. It provided a tense second or two but we made it through fine. Charlotte was leading the rest of the group but we were well out of communication range. I had no way to warn her as the road did not provide a good place to wait without being in danger. I had to go on and wait at the next stop sign. I worried about the group until they came into communication range. All was well. Everyone made it fine. That is a credit to their riding ability.

On Saturday most everyone was out riding the great roads in the area. We had riding guides available with suggested routes. Some used these routes, some made up their own, and some modified the routes to meet their needs. I am happy to say that all made it back fine. Everyone seemed to really enjoy their rides in the Ozarks.

The banquet on Saturday night was held in the game room at the hub. This worked out very well for our small group. The food was catered by the Hub staff. We dined on catfish, pork loin, salad, desert, and all the fixings for a great meal.

We then had comments, a 50/50 drawing (50% went to the winner and the other 50% went to The Hub as a tip) It was then time for the awards. Brian Sower won the award for most senior rider, most unique bike (Spyder Touring bike), and highest annual mileage bike. Don and Vickie Stallings received the award for longest distance 2-up (NC). Ed and Barb Mills received longest distance male and female riders (each on their own bike). Following the awards we had door prizes.

For 2016 we plan to have the rally again at the Hub. Randal and Debbie are impossible to beat as hosts. It has been necessary for them to raise the price of the banquet. That doesn't come as a surprise and is certainly well worth it. It does mean we will have to raise the registration fee a little. We will be setting the registration fee at $20 per adult. That seems very reasonable compared to the other rallys we attend. Plans are for the rally to be much the same as this year. Seminars will be offered if there is a request for them. We are also open to any other suggestions that might make the rally a better experience.

Remember, our group is made up of riders on a wide variety of makes and models. It is about friendships more than the bike. Everyone, no matter what your membership status, is always welcome to any and all of LCR activities.

Keep the dirty side down.

Wiliferd and Charlotte Lair
Lake Country Riders

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air-flossing.jpgWelcome to Chapter "L" of the Lake Country Riders        

A Great Road Sign

Ready to ride the Ozarks

Colorama This is an annual event for Lake Country Riders. It first started in 1997 as an effort to provide an opportunity for motorcyclists to get together in a laid back atmosphere and enjoy each other's company and the colors of the changing of the seasons in the Ozarks. The rally centers around the main activity of the evening campfire shared by all. Everyone with an interest in motorcycling is invited.

The 2016 Colorama was held September 19, 20, and 21rst at "The Hub Motorcycle Resort" seven miles south of Harrison, AR. The location gave us scenic roads with lots of curves so the novice to the experienced rider could be in awe of the riding experience. There were written copies of routes available to the participants for use before and after the rally. That allowed them to enjoy the great roads and scenery available in the Ozarks area. These roads have been documented in several major motorcycle magazines as some of the best in the USA for motorcycles.

There was a $15 registration fee. The fee included the banquet on Saturday night. Catfish and roast pork loin and sides, desert and drink were included. A dinner ride to Ozarks Cafe in Jasper took place on Friday night. A ride to Boxley Canyon for wild Elk viewing followed. On Saturday after the rides, the visiting continued right up to banquet time. On Sunday morning we said our goodbyes to all and starting planning for 2016. The rally was structured to provide the time to visit with old friends and to make new ones. The event is all about riding great roads and visiting with other riders.

If you missed Colorama '16, you missed a great one.

Dinner Rides
Lake Country Riders Ride coordinator schedules dinner rides, subject to the approval of the membership, every Tuesday April through October. These rides will be reasonable in length to allow the group to reach the destination, enjoy a good meal and make the return trip without being out too late.

Other dinner rides may be planned as desired by the membership. During the cooler months of the year, the dinner rides will be less frequent and of less distance from Springfield.

One may expect the dinner rides to be a relaxed pace which can be enjoyed by all.

The dinner rides are on the calendar on this web site. If you would like to suggest a change or another dinner ride, please contact the ride coordinator or chapter director. Click on full size calendar for more information. If you should choose to meet us at the restaurant be sure to let one of us know in advance as the group may choose, for good reason, to go elsewhere after they meet to leave. If we know you are meeting us at the restaurant no changes will be made.

Hitting the Road

If there are any suggestions as to how we could make the rides a better or safer experience for you, please contact the Chapter Directors, Wiliferd and Charlotte Lair or one of the other officers. It is the desire of the Lake Country Riders to have something for everyone but our best chance of succeeding occurs if we hear from you.

 Week end Rides
Week end rides will usually be scheduled approximately every other week end. These rides will usually cover from 100 to 250 miles or more and may, at times, involve overnight trips. These rides will frequently be to a specific destination as chosen by the membership.

Depending on the desires of the participants, there may be two groups to ride with. Some enjoy viewing the scenery when riding while others enjoy a more aggressive riding style. It is the desire of the organization to accommodate the needs of the membership.

The weekend rides are on the calendar on this website. Click on full size calendar for more information.

Awaiting Ferry in Arkansas

Overnight Events
The group will plan overnight events as the membership sees fit. These will involve motorcycle camping for those that camp and motels for those that prefer to rough it with color TV. Trips planned may be as close as 100 miles or as far away as 800 miles. Some of our members are planning to attend functions in Colorado, Minnesota, and Tennessee and would welcome company. Overnight events scheduled are on the calendar on this web site.
 Unscheduled Rides
One of the functions of any group of friends is the ability to do things of interest on the spur of the moment. Beautiful riding days are planned by a force much higher than ourselves. When we have the opportunity to enjoy the weather on our bikes we can contacts others to see if they might like to enjoy it with us. These events, though unscheduled, are a big part of what riding and friendship is all about. Examples might be as simple as a tour through the country side to explore a great road. It could also be a trip of a few hundred miles for a nice weekend trip. Another time it may be a workday where friends get together to help and assist each other installing safety chrome or routine maintenance on their rides.

Purpose of the Chapter
Our organization exists at the pleasure of the members. Our sole purpose for being is to enjoy the one thing we have in common--our interest in motorcycling---and the friendships we have made and will make as a result of our unique interest. Those who have rode with the Gold Wing Touring Association for several years have made friends throughout this great nation and in Canada. These friendship endure for many years. These friendships are what the organization is all about. It doesn't matter what one rides, or other factors as social status, or vocation. We, by definition, have something in common that binds us together. We have a deep interest in motorcycling and in friendship with each other.

We ride, we eat, and we ride some more!!!

Springfield, MO

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